Why should I choose Transformations BIP?

Obviously we cannot guarantee your success; you must apply the skills you learn for them to work!  But I can tell you that history is a great predictor of future success.  To date (as of June 2014), Transformations BIP has Not had any clients who completed our program get convicted of a second Domestic Violence charge*.   According to a 2000 study which interviewed the former and current partners of male batterers referred to batterer programs by the court:

41% of participants reported that the men committed a re-assault during the 30-month follow-up period.  Source:  http://www.americanbar.org/groups/domestic_violence/resources/statistics.html.

That’s a terrible statistic!  If you are going to spend the time and money, you may as well choose a program with a great track record!

* As of June 2014, based upon previous tracked clients who completed the program.  Completion of our program is not a guarantee future violence will not occur.

How can I make sure Transformations BIP classes will fullfill my court requirements?

When you enroll in our online program, you will have access to the curriculum outline that meets state requirements for Batterer’s Intervention Programs as well as the State Certificate issued to Transformations LLC. Online classes are taught by a Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of Transformations LLC. You should not have any issues.  We can even send a letter to the presiding judge.    In any case, you will have a 65 day Money Back Guarantee that if the court provides you with a denial/disapproval letter, and you submit the original letter to us with your request for a refund, within that 65 day period, you will get back all of the money you paid to us.

Remember, it is solely  Your Responsibility  to confirm the court’s approval to take our online program.  If they deny your enrollment, mail their Disapproval letter to us via Certified Mail so it reaches us within the 65 day time period at:   Transformations BIP   6216  S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74136

How can I prove to the court that I am really enrolled?

A FREE Proof of Enrollment letter can be mailed to your attorney or public defender, or probation officer at the address you provide.  We can even FAX an initial copy within 24 hours if you contact us with an Urgent Request and provide us with the FAX number.

What documents do you need for your files?

By Week 4 we are required to have from you a copy of the following:

1.   A copy of your Drivers License (or non-drivers ID) with a photo;

2.   A copy of the Detailed Police Report  or  the Case Details from your attorney;

3.   A copy of any Protective Order if one has been issued;

4.   Your completed Safety Plan.

These documents can be sent to us using the following methods (in order of preference):

a)   U.S. Mail   —   Transformations BIP   6216 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74136  (Marked CONFIDENTIAL);

b)   Scanned and sent as an Attachment via e-mail  —   transformationsbipclasses@gmail.com

c)   Sent via FAX   —   1-918-289-0178

**** Please Note:   sending your documents to us via U.S. Mail  affords you privacy and confidentiality.   We will use our very best efforts to keep your documents private and confidential if you are sending your documents to us by any other method.

What are the classes like?

Don’t Worry!  They aren’t  b o r i n g …   Our classes are presented in three parts:

First you watch an interactive video about that class subject.  (Average length is about 25 minutes)

Second you read the practical topic of the week to learn new life skills.

Third you complete the quiz section that allows you to apply that lesson to your life.

The classes are intended to give you the practical tools you need to Transform your life and help draw out the best form of you possible!  Our testimonial letters on this site are written by people just like you — they all took this class by  “force”  to avoid jail time.  They soon realized though, that the very thing they dreaded — turned out to be the exact thing they needed in their life!  If you have not read the letters, now would be a good time to do so:  Letters

 What is the cost of taking these classes?

Each class is only $21.   And you pay Nothing until Week 5!  This should help get you ahead of the money curve.

Our standard program is 52 weeks.  We also offer classes that range in length from as little as an 8 week program.  We mold our program to conform to the orders of the court.  All of your information is Confidential, and we do our best to secure your information and to ensure a great experience as one of our clients.  Best of all, since our program is presented to you online, you will also save time, money, and gas by not having to take time off from work, drive across town to a classroom location, and probably have to pay for parking as well.

 What if I don’t pass the Final Exam??

There is No  ‘final exam’.  With Transformation BIP you will write a  Graduation Speech, which is Your Opportunity to write about, and share your experiences, and do a self-evaluation of your growth.  Your experience may even be shared online with others (with your permission, and your last name not revealed) who are just starting out, to alleviate some of their fears.

 Will I have trouble taking this class if I don’t have strong computer skills?

No problem.  Our classes are very user friendly and teach practical life skills.  If you can send your quiz via your email, you’re in good shape!

What is a Certificate of Completion?

Once you have completed all of your course requirements we will send our Certificate of Completion to you and to the court to Verify that you have completed your course requirements.  Transformations BIP will mail your Certificate to you FREE, unless you want expedited delivery for $20.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, you need to fill out and Submit our Quick-Start form so Click Here!



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