Sample Lesson

Here is a partial sample lesson from our program:

                                                        Famous Failures


Famous Failures: Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, the Beatles…each of these people was told by someone whose circle of influence crossed their path that they may as well GIVE UP on their future.

If you took a magnifying glass and looked at that specific time in their life when they were experiencing the emotions of their greatest failures, it would be difficult to see the success that lay ahead of them.

Michael Jordan locked himself in a room after getting CUT from his high school basketball team…not knowing the amazing future that lays ahead of him because of the tenacity that was within him that wouldn’t let him quit.

Oprah Winfrey, at her lowest moment was FIRED from her broadcasting job and told she “wasn’t fit for television!”

Steve Jobs was removed from a company that HE STARTED.

Thomas Edison told that he was “too STUPID to learn.”

Walt Disney was FIRED for having no original ideas and lacking creativity and even went BANKRUPCT twice.

Let’s take a look at Abraham Lincoln’s life. Abraham’s fiancé, the woman he loved, died just before they got married, he had 2 businesses fail, he had a nervous breakdown, AND he lost the election EIGHT times!

Obviously, then Lincoln was elected President of the United States. How different would our nation be if he had allowed his failures of the past to decide the path his future would take!

What if ALL of them had decided to let their failures define who they were and who they would become? We would likely have had a childhood without Dr. Seuss or Walt Disney Land, sports without Michael Jordan, maybe no iphone, and the United States without Abraham Lincoln?!

Our lives are not a picture of one or two events of our daily comings and goings. But the daily choices we make assemble together to begin to form a picture made up of many pixels that are squeezed together.


We all make mistakes. But the question is, do we allow our mistakes of our past to define us and thus alter the course of our FUTURE?



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