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* *   FREE —  Proof of Enrollment Letter!                                                                                       oie_2365617ZLW9R78a

* *   FREE —  Online Intake/Assessment!   ($70 value)

* *   FREE —  Certificate of Completion /Free shipping! 

* *   Each class is only $21!

**      No need to pay all at once  —  It’s Pay-As-You-Go!

***   You pay NOTHING until Week 5!

* *     100% Guaranteed Court Acceptance or Money Back Refund**

* *     100% Online!   Classes are available 24/7 to accommodate your busy schedule!

* *     Very user friendly, stress free way to  complete your court ordered classes  —  Save Your Gas!

* *     Video portion included for each class so you don’t spend hours just reading material off your computer screen

* *     Classes are taught by a Licensed Professional Counselor, in a super practical method that will change your life!

**      Just let us know within 65 days of your enrollment.

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Notice:  A minimum of 16 classes is required in order to qualify for the initial First Four Classes Are Free.

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Domestic Violence Counselor

Deborah Farber is a Licensed Professional Counselor who obtained her Master’s in Community Counseling at the University of Oklahoma. She is currently the Director of Transformations BIP and teaches Batterer’s Intervention Classes weekly.





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