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Life Preservers Come In All Sizes … The Important Thing Is Your Willingness To Reach Out To Ours And Grab It

Chances are you have dropped by to look over this website because you have been ordered by a judge (or other legal authority) to enroll in a domestic violence program or a batterers intervention program.   And you probably have not been given any too much time in which to get enrolled, either.  So real quick, the Transformations BIP program is worth your serious consideration because  —

*       Our online program is based upon our in-class program – licensed by the Oklahoma Attorney General – and should meet the 52 week requirement expected by out-of-state courts  

*       Our program is one of the best priced programs available …  just  $xxx for the complete program

             **     No need to pay all at once  –  We can offer you a payment schedule of just $xx per month

*      Our program is provided to you Online, so it is available for you  24 – 7

*      Our program is licensed by the Attorney General for the State of Oklahoma (one of only two states that requires a 100% in-class attendance, so you know it has really been closely examined)

             **    When you ask the judge to allow you to take our program, this may be a point worth mentioning

             **    When you enroll in our program, our Membership Area provides you with our State Certification for you to print and provide to  …………….the judge as proof that Transformations BIP is State Certified

             **     FREE Proof of Enrollment letter mailed to the presiding judge

*     Our online program is  supplemented with a related series of videos so you can see and hear information as well as read it from your lesson materials

*        FREE Certificate of Completion and FREE Expedited Delivery!

*    Our lessons are written in straight forward, easy-to-read English.  (2 Sample Lessons)

*    If within 65 days of your enrollment the court has told you (in writing) they do not accept your enrollment in our program, send us the court’s  Original ‘Disapproval’ letter along with your request for a refund, and your enrollment will be canceled and you will get a full refund

*    It is solely  Your Responsibility to confirm the court’s approval to take our online program.  So do not delay:  show them a copy of our State Certification and ask them for their written approval.  Then mail their Approval – or their Disapproval – letter to us via Certified Mail so it reaches us within the 65 day time period at:   Transformations BIP   6216  S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK  74136

*      Taught by a Licensed Counselor

**     FREE Intake/Assessment!   To fill out your FREE  Confidential Client Intake Form  Click Here